Saturday, September 8, 2012

This just in: Miles Morales = Everything a young character should be. Alpha? Not so much. REVIEWS!

This week saw two Spider-Man family releases featuring new, younger characters. Different lines. Completely different characters. One is a legacy hero, and the other? Well, I hope he doesn't have any sort of legacy at all.

Let's start with this week's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by David Marquez, we continue the story of Miles Morales, the boy who has taken up the deceased Peter Parker's mantle. Last issue saw him dealing with the fallout of his encounter with his uncle, The Prowler. Thought to be a murderer, Miles finds himself in the sights of Captain America, who is determined to make him hang up his costume. The captain interrupts a meeting between Miles and the three most important women in the late Peter Parker's life. Cap is called out on an emergency and Aunt May gives Miles a gift so great that it finally brings him full circle into the Spider-Man role. SPOILER ALERT!

There are some great moments here. May passing down Peter's webshooters is fantastic and finally gives Miles a quicker mode of transportation. The entire dialogue between him, Mary Jane, May, and Gwen is good, too. Mary Jane vs. Captain America = awesome as well.

I love Miles as a character. He's been so much fun to follow and his growth seems natural. He is trying to do what is right and live up to Peter's character and reputation. To have the support of his loved ones can only make him stronger and counteract the family and personal issues he is running into.

David Marquez has been on point with his work on this series. His characters have great expressions and his art is nice and detailed. His action scenes work well and let's just talk about this:
THAT is just awesome.

I love Justin Ponsor's colors on this book. Everything is so vibrant and it really sticks out among everything else on the shelf.

The cover is a little weird for me. Jorge Molina is a competent artist, but his Captain America seems off. His body is very boxy and his head is just odd. The head is what kills it.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is some of Bendis' best work to date. I can't wait for the conclusion of Spider-Men, because 616 Peter and Miles together has been fantastic. Miles is hopefully here to stay and I'm glad.

 Now onto this holy terror. Alpha sucks. He just does. He's an arrogant ass and I don't even think Peter Parker would have been that bad without the "great power/responsibility" mantra. He was still raised by good people, which is not the case with Andy. They are money hungry and didn't care about their son until his celebrity.

What's ridiculous is he seemed like a good kid before his power-trip. It was a drastic change. They kind of touch on this scenario in the new Spider-Man film, but Andrew Garfield's Peter is able to retain his sense of, "Oh, maybe I shouldn't be a complete douche." This little turd, though? No way.

I'm glad for the resurgence of the Clone Saga-era characters. I haven't been following Kaine like I should, but I love the Jackal and his bigger role in Spidey's life recently has been welcome. We can only see the Sinister Six get together and get defeated so many times. Next to Norman Osborne, I believe that Miles Warren is the most personal and invasive foe available to Peter. I love his lines in this issue. I really enjoy how he's just kind of like, "Oh, well crap. NEXT!" when his plans don't work out.

Peter brings up leaving Horizon Labs when the Andy situation is figured out, and thank the stars Max Modell was like, "Hey. No idiot, you're not leaving. This is the best thing that ever happened to you." I love Pete's new place in life and his supporting players at Horizon.

I have been a fan of Humberto Ramos' original stuff(I loved Crimson back in the day) but his Spidey stuff has always been hit or miss for me. This issue isn't so bad. It's not done in his usual exaggerated style and is more subtle and calm.

I have no doubt that Andy will be going through a redemption of sorts soon, but when you tease Spidey getting a sidekick, it's much more exciting to think about him having someone to work with that is actually a good partner. It would have been a new and welcome dynamic for the book. At any rate, this issue was still a good read.

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