Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indie Spotlight - The Punk Boy's Aneurysm

  The Punk Boy's Aneurysm is one of the most intriguing webcomics I've ever read. Written and drawn by Argentinian native Renzo Podesta, the story follows a masked boy and his band of misfit friends in a world that has changed from what we know. There are also mysterious events beginning to unfold that will surely put the characters to the test.

 Gorgeous black and white artwork that is reminiscent of the best mangas I've read lends itself to this story. Podesta's portfolio of work is pretty varied, but this is the stuff that caught my eye the most.


The story is released on a weekly basis and is broken down into chapters and episodes. The English version was overseen by Javier Gomez. Chapter five is being released right now, and you can read the first four chapters on various websites and blogs. The first four chapters are also available for download as well as several wallpapers and pinups by other artists.

The Punk Boy's Aneurysm already has quite the following, and the varied amount of guest art shows that this group of characters has the potential to break out beyond the internet. When I read the comic, it's highly animated in my mind, and I could definitely see it being adapted to a feature length film or series.
Just one of the many strange events in the story.
The opening chapter starts off with a fight scene right away, and the format of the comic allows Podesta to tell his story via eclectic layouts. It leads up to one of my favorite comic pages ever, which I'll try to let you guess for yourself when you read it. I would definitely like to have a well-done print of it eventually.  The other chapters involve a giant squid and a break-in to steal the most unlikely of objects, as well as the appearance of a mysterious man who is much more than he seems.

 I'm on board with this story for the foreseeable future and I recommend following along if you are tired of typical comics.

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