Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Uncanny Avengers #1 - Review

Today marks the beginning of MARVEL NOW. Rick Remender and John Cassaday merge the X-men and The Avengers into the new age of Marvel. So how much of a gait is this first step carrying with it? Find out after the jump. SPOILERS FOR AVX AHEAD.

The issue picks up after the end of Avengers vs. X-Men, with Cyclops in isolation and Charles Xavier dead. Wolverine is holding Charles' funeral while someone is giving another mystery man a wicked lobotomy. Havok visits Scott and is greeted by Captain America and Thor upon leaving. They want him to represent Mutantkind in the Avengers. Two action scenes later and we're left with a massive cliffhanger already.

The story is briskly paced, touching on several notes for the pages available. Remender does a good job of planting the seeds for this new team while making the looming threat very serious and very real right off the bat.

John Cassaday's art is on point. His characters are expressive and his action intense. Backed up by Laura Martin's subdued colors, Cassaday delivers a cinematic flare to his pages that was a perfect fit for this book.

MARVEL NOW is not a reboot, according to the company. It's a soft relaunch. It is very apparent from this issue that Marvel has a plan. It's a natural progression of everything that has come before. The AvX event was a perfect catalyst to shake things up in the Marvel U. I can see where the benefits lie line-wide now. Easing into things is also a nice change. Hopefully the whole initiative will keep up this level of quality.

If you're bored with the competition's current offerings as I am, the perfect time to jump ship is NOW. Make mine Marvel.

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